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MAKEUP ARTIST WINNER (1st Place) 2012 Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo

Posted August 22nd, 2012 by .

Hi All,

I had a wonderful opportunity to come down to Sydney about a week ago for the Expo to enter in the makeup competition.

More details and photos will be updated soon…  Below is some of the images from competition.

I’ve won both the RUNWAY and the BEAUTY EDITORIAL  1st place…

Very happy so just wanted to share with you guys….

I did all the hair and makeup for the competition…..

I enter in the Runway Inspired, Modern Bride and the Beauty Editorial… and win two 1st place so that was a wonderful highlight of the year for me 🙂

Below is also the link to the result…..


* LINK:  Sydney International Beauty and Spa Expo :  Makeup Awards Result

* LINK: face to face makeup awards wrap up at Becca Page / more images on this link


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Me and the beautiful talented Rae Morris (Makeup Director for L’Oreal Paris)

Lorna Jane Campaign – Makeup & Hair by Vivianne Tran

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Lorna Jane Winter Campaign – Makeup and Hair by Vivianne Tran

I had a wonderful opportunity to work for Lorna Jane (The director of Lorna Jane) and also did their winter campaign and look book for 2012.

Below are some of the images from their campaign, I will post more of behind the scene photos up later this week.


Check out their website for new stock

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Brisbane Festival 2012 Campaign – Hair & Makeup by Vivianne Tran

Posted July 13th, 2012 by .

BRISBANE FESTIVAL 2012 Photo shoot & Behind the Scene

This year has been a fun and  excited one for me, the Brisbane Festival team decided to use the crew in Brisbane to work on the festival 2012 campaign and I was asked to be part of this team to do hair and makeup.  It turn out to be on of the most amazing day and most creative project I have work on….

That I’m about to tell you might be surprise for some people…… Every year Brisbane have a BIG event call Brisbane Festival in South Bank, near the Brisbane River, alot of wonderful project happen in this festival, BUT……….. did anyone know that the past Brisbane campaign was done else where in Sydney or Melbourne,  then once finish it got send up to Brisbane.  Yes? No? not many people including me knew this, so when the team know about this info and know that we were the 1st crew in Brisbane that get to work on this project we all so excited and wanted to do the best we can so Brisbane to prove that Brisbane also have talent here….

The film crew including the director had many meetings back and forward to make sure they have the project under control and rolling and once most of the work is completed the stylist and me (makeup & hair)  get to have the last meeting with the team before the big day.   I was looking forward to this for weeks 🙂  It was great because we get to understand the concept before the day and have our creative ideas out to the team to see if it will work.  It was an amazing feeling to have our ideas heard by the team.

The shoot was done at Chanel 9 studio 2 up in Mount Cootha.  I brought with me 2 big suit cases and 4 medium cases of makeup and hair products, it was one of the biggest project that I have work on this year that I have to bring everything from makeup to body paint, hair products, , table, chairs, light box ect… I think the only things I didn’t bring was my special effect kit (blood, wax ect).

Chanel 9 have their own studio to do hair and makeup but from the makeup  studio to the studio 2 where the action take place,  I won’t be able to see the action and if the photographer needs me I can’t hear them so I have decided to set up inside the massive studio. There was plenty of room there for me so that was no problem and everyone was happy.

The three models were use were all dancer so they can pose very fast which help alot for the photographer.

It was an all day shoot, tired but amazing!!! I was sooo looking forward to see the completed photo.  And now I can share with you guys….


Below is the BRISBANE Crew for the 2012 Festival Campaign:

The amazing team at Brisbane Festival

Finn Creative

Chanel 9 crew

Christian Aas (photographer)

Viviane Tran (Hair & Makeup)

 Majella McMahon (styling)

David Norsworthy

Jack Ziesing

Iona Marques (dancers)

and everyone involved from Queensland Ballet, Expressions Dance Company and Dance North

Below is the video you can view my work…
6:33 – 6:37
6:56 – 7:02
12:18 – 12:34

Below Image: Dance Energy@ Brisbane Festival

Below Image:  My makeup and Hair station


Roza’s Gourmet Sauces – Hair & Makeup by Vivianne Tran

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Hi Guys, its been a while since I updated my blog.

Not long ago I was ask to do hair and makeup for a company cal Roza’s Gourmet Sauces, run today by Roza’s daughter Jasmin.

Below is the website:

Hair & Makeup by VIVIANNE TRAN

The beautiful Jasmin



Hair & Makeup Vivianne Tran

Photographer Christian Aas

Lady Gaga Skull Makeup and Pink Hair

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Lady Gaga Skull Makeup and Pink Hair

As you can see below is my work (Hair and Makeup) for one of my client (another big fan of Lady Gaga).

My client attending Lady Gaga Concert and he had asked me to do half face skull and half face monster as the theme for the concert is monster, for the monster half he has given me a photos to copy and made it into black and white for him.  He also want the makeup to be long lasting incase he dance and get hot/sweaty….

The makeup took longer than normal face painting makeup/character makeup as i needed to do a based 1st that is long lasting and then go over with colours.


Below are the products I use for his makeup:

For the based I use MAC pot paint in white and black

After I use Ben Nye cream to apply over the black and white colour to give a wet texture. then I apply eyes shawdow powder on top using White, Black, and Grey tone.

The paint pot will make the makeup stay lot longer and won’t rub off until you wash off with a makeup remover.

For hair we use a blond straight layer wing, and pin to one side and tease the top and side up. Finishing off with pink hairspray.


You probably wondering why there is a spit in his shirt? Welllll…. my client remember to wear black as I suggested to the makeup appointment (wear top similar to your costume) but he forgot to wear something that he doesn’t need to take over his head…. so he said I can cut his shirt so I thought if I did the side split he can still reused the shirt again hehehee….


Below is another client I did for a work party she went to.

She wanted to dress up as Lady Gaga, this client didn’t request the makeup to be long lasting or sweat proof so I only use Ben Nye white for the based and set with white eyes shadow.  For the black area I used liquid eyeliner and black MAC gel eye liner so its a lot faster.  If you don’ t have these products you can use white and black face pant.

Lady Gaga is one of my big inspiration… Love love her style….

For my 1st International Hair Competition that I had entered in and won 1st place global (see below image).  Lady gaga style/fashion has inspire me to create such a imaginative advant garde style.  The theme for the competition that year (2010) was ‘Wedding in 2050’, and below was my creation.


This hair took me 3 full day to create. I couldn’t do it early as we needed to find the right model for the style I wanted to create, once the model confirm then I can put my ideas into paper and start drawing. It was very hard to find a model with hair pass waste line.  The most exciting part is when everything start to come together and when I see my work on the model.  The joy of seeing your completed work, words cant describe… Happy from inside out…

Following Lady Gaga fashion/style, she had proven that there is no limit….. and like fashion, hair/makeup its all a form of art and our imagination had no limit, we can create as big and crazy as we want and not be scars of what other think…….. what is beautiful for someone could not be for other.  Everyone view art different and as the same for fashion.

Lady Gaga has her own unique style and that is why I envy her sooooo much and I’m sure alot of Gaga Fans out there will also agree, and I’m always looking out to see what she have next for us…. she always surprise her with her amazing creative style.


Every time I talk about Lady Gaga, I keep dream of one day I get to work with Lady Gaga creative team….


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