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Black Milk Clothing Photo Shoot – Makeup Artist Hairstylist by Vivianne Tran

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Black Milk Clothing : Meet the team 


Hi All, as most of you know I have been doing makeup and hair for black milk for about two years now.  The video below is create last year….. Abit about the team 😀  ” Back stage”

All the beautiful models hair and makeup by me….

They normally have about 3 models per shoot and all hair and makeup is done within an hour per models.  Its a long but very exciting day with a wonderful team!!!!!

Professor Sidney Dekker Corporate Job – Makeup and Hair by Vivianne Tran

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Professor Sidney Dekker on Why Things Go Wrong & The Second Victim

I had a wonderful opportunity to work an amazing team at Griffith University a few weeks ago. Below is the corporate job created.

I am very happy to meet such a wonderful person. Being on set and get to see him talk is amazing, he was soooo passionate about his topic that I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. Wonderful and inspiring person….


Professor Sidney Dekker is currently a Professor at Griffith University


Sidney Dekker is Professor in the School of Humanities at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. Previously Professor at Lund University, Sweden, and Director of the Leonardo Da Vinci Center for Complexity and Systems Thinking, he gained his Ph.D. in Cognitive Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University, USA in 1996. He has worked in New Zealand, the Netherlands, and England, has been Senior Fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and visiting Professor in healthcare safety in both Melbourne, Australia and Manitoba, Canada. He has recently been flying part-time as pilot on the Boeing 737NG with an airline out of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is author of several best-selling books on system failure and human error. Recent ones include “Behind human error” (2010), “Drift into Failure” (2011), “Patient Safety” (2011), and “Just Culture (2nd Edition)” (2012).


Professor Sidney Dekker on Why Things Go Wrong


Sidney Dekker on The Second Victim



Richard Bell: Cinematographer
Rhys Forrer: Gaffer
Matt Ault: Sound
Vivianne Tran: Make-up / Hair
Shenil Ranpura: Production Assistant
Ashil Ranpara: Director, Co-Producer and Editor
Faith Valencia: Co-Producer

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Australian Professional Beauty Magazine 2012

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Hi Everyone,

Got some wonderful news to share with you all….

Professional Beauty magazine published 4 pages of my work in the November / December 2012 issue…

Below is the 4 pages and information on the article…. hope you enjoy reading it 🙂

All the hairstyling and makeup below is created by me….

* To read the article, click on the image to get full size or go down the page*





BEGINNINGS:  I’ve always loved art and have sung in a band since I was 12 so I suppose to have been creatively inclined.  Although I always wanted to do makeup, it was initially more for myself, so I could learn how to apply it personally.  Singing in Brisbane Vietnamese bands for charity functions and weddings, I had to learn to apply my own makeup. I always knew I wanted to do makeup and hair but coming from an Asian family who put a high priority on a university education I felt I should follow a more formal education first.  I completed the Bachelor of Justice (major in investigation) at the Queensland University of Technology and worked as a legal support officer with a QLD prosecutor, I did makeup while I was working at the justice department and worked part-time on the weekend, doing weddings. I wanted to work in an area where I dealt with people every day and helped them but I soon realised my work at the justice department was too depressing for me and I was becoming ill from it, so I resigned.


Having taught myself to apply makeup I then undertook a few short courses so I could improve my personal makeup skills. U did the makeup and hair for my brother’s fiance at her engagement party and after that people kept asking me to help out with their event!  I went to study certificate II in makeup and started working on bridal at weekends.  I later went back and did my diploma of makeup at the Academy of Makeup in Brisbane.  After completing my study I worked hard to build up my portfolio, trying to get as much work experience as I could, and soon built a name for myself in Brisbane.


I feel I still help people but by making them look and feel beautiful and at the same time I can create so it’s different kind of healing and when I helped people at the justice department.  My favourite quote is: ” The way you look influences the way you feel, the way you feel influences everything”. But I can’t remember who said it!


TRAINING:  My training included: Certificate II in makeup, Diploma of makeup, training in advanced airbrushing and body art, training in Japanese art (to improve my brush stoke skills) and training in advanced special effects.  I started working with professional photographer to build up my portfolio and worked in different areas of makeup to see what I enjoyed most (makeup counter, beauty salon, films, weddings, fashion etc.)  Because I can also do hair, I get to style hair at a lot of shoot and watch other makeup artists at work, which helps me to learn different techniques.  Last year, I wanted to find a mentor, so I joined the Green Brush Project and I worked with a wonderful mentor, Sue McLaurin.  I tried to practuce as much I could when i was studying and after study I did a lot of photoshoots to build up my confidence and portfolio.  I also plan to undertake a short advanced makeup course to finesse my skill’s.


CAREER:  My first job was for a good friend’s wedding. We had a very early start but I really enjoyed it.  I enjoy every makeup project I work on.  The highlight of my career, so far, has been winning the awards at the Face 2 Face Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo this year.  I don’t really have a lowpoint, I feel every steo of my journey has been positive. I do sometimes wonder how to get my work out there for infuential makeup artists, like Rae Morris, to see and now, thanks to this competition, I have achieved my goal.  The best advice I could give other makeup artists would be to not let anyone stop you from achieving your dream and don’t give up!  Put in 110 per cent each time you work and study and learn as much as you can from different artists.


INSPIRATION:  I take inspiration from everything and anything, depending on the project I’m working on.  It could be the clothing, fabric, colour, accessories, props, hair, theme, and international runways, ect. I have always admired Rae Morris’  work, ever since being a student, Her style is very clean and beautiful.  I’d try and keep my own work very focused on beauty and being natural.  I’d love to be working everyday in the fashion/beauty industry and doing makeup and hair on beautiful models.


KEY PRODUCTS:  For me, the most indispensable products have to be: black glue and dispsable mini mascara wands.


EXPO WIN:  I was so happy to win the editorial ad runway inspired categories at Sydney Expo.  It was such a wonderful feeling to see my hard work recognised by respected industry professionals.  It’s hard to explain but I was so happy I couldn’t even talk!  For the editorial look I wanted to sow a lot of technique through the two images, but still make it look pretty.  For inspiration I looked at makeup and perfume campaigns and noticed that flowers were often used so I incorporated flowers into my work.  I wanted to create an image that stood out from the distance as well as close up.  For the runway look, I was inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s spring collection 2012, using bright bold colours, together with the design clothing, shoes, hair to create the look.


RAE MORRIS: As part of the prize I won a one-on-one personal workshop with Rae Morris and one week backstage with Rae Morris at Melbourne fashion week and all Rae’s books.  It will be an amazing dream come true to work with her and a wonderful opportunity.



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Lorna Jane Sportwear Fitspiration Campaign Makeup & Hair by Vivianne Tran

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Hi Everyone,

These are some of the Lorna Jane latest campaign I did recently.  The International model is from sydney but mainly based in New York

She have amazing fit body with a beautiful face and down to earth personality….. Such a nice energy when she is in the room.





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Brisbane Festival – Hair and Makeup Artist

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Hi All,

This month is a big month for Brisbane local, if anyone visit Brisbane in September they would have heard of Brisbane Festival at South Bank Parkland.  Beautiful performances, music and firework…..  I have recently went to south bank and saw my work displace, very happy so just wanted to share with you all….


Hair & Makeup by Vivianne Tran


my work displace on the middle of the street in South Bank.



This is the booklet that they printed out with information about the festival……


Dance energy group…….