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Hair & Makeup for Australian Synchronized Swimming Team – 2012 Calendar

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Australian Synchronized Swimming Team – 2012 Calendar

Hi All….

Last year I had the opportunity to work with a group of beautiful lady (Australian synchronized Swimming Team) for the 2012 calendar and their German coach.

I was  ask me to do the  hair and makeup for the photo shoot for the 2012 Calender.  The Calender was sold in Australia to raise money for the girls trip to the Olympic in England / 2012.

The girls below have competed in the Olympic, Commonwealth Games, German Open, French Open, Swiss Open, Fina Synchronize World cup,  Fina Synchronized Swimming World Cup, …

Eloise Amberger, Sarah Bombell, Jenny-lynn Anderson, Louise McConnell, Olia Burtaeva….

My brief was to make all these beautiful ladies look natural and flawless, not too glamour because the calender will be sold to all different families and people at different ages.  Plus this is still also a sport calender so we have decided to use more the natural tone for makeup and hair will be light wave and straight.  I use natural lashes for all everyone to open the eyes as the makeup is quite natural.

At the moment I don’t have the high resolution so the below are the final images I took from my phone off the Calender.  Hope you guys enjoy!!!!







Below images are from behind the scenes photos taken from our camera and phone, hope you guys enjoy it….

The beautiful coach,  the coach come all the way from Germany.

One of the team member, Eloise Amberger


Eloise Amberger & Sarah Bombell showing of their Bronze Medalists

for the 2010 Commonwealth Games


Beautiful Olia Burtaeva in action behind the Camera

Look at Olia Burtaeva beautiful strong abs, I’m sooo jealous!!!

Beautiful Louise McConnell behind the Camera

Photographer & the beautiful Eloise Amberger

Eloise Amberger & Sarah Bombell

Below is the team

Photographer:  Wayne Daniels

Jewellery: Provided by Esteem Jewellery

Swimwear: Provided by Watersun

Hair & Makeup by Vivianne Tran

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